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The Mystics are a psychedelic rock band from Barrie ON. Their music combines hard hitting southern blues, upbeat funk riffs and ambient sonic space. Their sound is a blend of The Doors, Pink Floyd, Tragically Hip, The Guess Who and Radiohead.


Joshua Lucas - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Thomas Roy - Lead Guitar
Sean Worster - Keyboard/Synth
Alex Ruth - Bass
Jeremy Hucking - Drums

Long Bio

The Mystics have exploded onto the Canadian music scene as an act to be reckoned with. Less than a year old, this powerhouse rock and roll band is already making waves in the local music scene. Coming off a summer tour of Ontario, performing at sold out bars, venues and festivals; The Mystics haven’t slowed down and are busy in the studio preparing for their debut album.

When watching them perform, I am reminded of a time when going to see a rock concert meant something! Their live show is an electric symphony of psychedelic guitar solos, raging organ riffs, funky bass lines, and screaming hot blues vocals. I felt like I was transported back to the 1970’s. Their sound incorporates a hearty blend of blues, rock, and funk with a hint of mainstream pop vocals. Whether it’s their authentic folk like storytelling, their driving bass lines or perhaps their southern blues slide guitar, these guys are charismatic on stage and instantly appealing to a wide range of music lovers.



Photography by:  Sebastian Vasoff

Photography by: Sebastian Vasoff


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