About the band

The Mystics are a psychedelic rock band from Barrie ON. Their music combines hard hitting blues riffs, ambient melodic breakdowns and roaring rock vocals.  Their sound is a blend of classic and modern rock, inspired by bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Guess Who, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Tragically Hip, and Radiohead.


Joshua Lucas - Lead Vocals/
Rhythm Guitar
Thomas Roy - Lead Guitar
Sean Worster - Keyboard/Synth
Alex Ruth - Bass
Jeremy Hucking - Drums








September 21st 2019: Troubadour Festival - Barrie ON

November 14th 2019: The Foxx Lounge - Barrie ON


Past Concerts

August 30th 2019: Cherry Colas - Toronto ON

August 17th 2019: Mavrick’s Music Hall - Barrie ON

June 8th 2019: Rock It Up Radio - Mississauga ON

June 14th 2019: Sessions On The River - Fort Erie ON

June 29th 2019: Promenade Days - Barrie, ON

July 6th 2019: The Foxx Lounge - Barrie ON

July 12th 2019: The Monarch Tavern - Toronto ON

May 26th 2019: The Mavericks - Barrie ON

May 18th 2019: The Blackhorse Pub - Peterborough ON

May 17th 2019: The Townhouse Tavern - Sudbury ON

March 15th 2019: The Corktown Pub - Hamilton ON

February 9th 2019: The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto ON

January 19th 2019: The Cavern Bar - Toronto ON

December 20th 2018: Lee’s Palace - Toronto - ON

November 1st 2018: The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto ON

October 19th 2018: The Foxx Lounge - Barrie ON

August 6th 2018: Kempenfest - Barrie ON

July 30th 2018: The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto ON

July 27th 2018: The Asylum - Sudbury ON

July 23rd 2018: Cornstock - Innisfil ON

July 19th 2018: Junction City - Toronto ON

July 7th 2018: Craft Beer & Ribfest - Barrie ON

Jun 16th 2018: Jazz & Blues Festival - Barrie ON

May 19th 2018: The Dstrct - Guelph ON

April 26th 2018: The Foxx Lounge - Barrie ON

April 7th 2018: The Cameron House - Toronto ON