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Joshua Lucas - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Thomas Roy - Lead Guitar
Sean Worster - Keyboard/Synth
Alex Ruth - Bass
Jeremy Hucking - Drums
Heydon George - Manager

Short Bio

The Mystics are a psychedelic rock band from Barrie ON. Their music combines hard hitting southern blues riffs with ambient melodic breakdowns and roaring rock vocals.  Their sound is a blend of classic and modern rock, inspired by bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Guess Who, Deep Purple, The Tragically Hip, and Radiohead.

Long Bio

Following a solid 2018 regional tour, The Mystics have gained a reputation for sold out venues (The Cameron House, The Foxx Lounge, The Cavern) and for keeping the crowd at music festivals (Kempenfest, Cornstock 2018, Barrie Jazz & Blues Festival). After commercially releasing their debut single “Desert Ritual”, (organically added to Indie Hour on Rock 95 FM Radio, Barrie ON) The Mystics are busy preparing to record their first full album in Spring 2019 with plans to formally support multiple singles on radio.


 “When one thinks of psychedelic rock, they don’t often think Barrie, Ontario. The Mystics are looking to change that.” – Curtis Morgan, The Mob’s Press


Watching them perform is reminiscent of a simpler time in rock music, where less is more, and the caliber of on-stage interaction between the players is mesmerizing.  Their live performances are highly engaging, charismatic and real. Audiences can expect a journey of heart-wrenching solos, deep drum and bass grooves that never waver, old school keys and sexy, transcendental vocals woven on top of the band’s unified sound. Whether it’s their authentic storytelling, catchy melodies or sheer artistic talent, The Mystics are unforgettable on stage and instantly appealing to music lovers from a wide variety of genres.


 “That eclectic mix comes through like a mofo bursting out your speakers… Book them now, they WILL blow up. They are that good.” – Curtis Morgan, The Mobs Press


“I was pleasantly surprised when a good friend asked if I could do something to fix this [rough board] mix, “Empyrean” is now on my private playlist ‘till The Mystics officially release it.”  - Michael Evans, Annex Audio Studios


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Photography by:  Sebastian Vasoff

Photography by: Sebastian Vasoff


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